Chairman's Message

Senator Arise

Senator Ayodele Arise


On behalf of Fortune Games Limited, I wish to express my profound gratitude to our President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his vision and encouragement on private public partnership (PPP).

The enterprenuerial spirit of innovation will provide the necessary catalyst for propelling our nation to the status of a developed country. It is imperative that the government should continue to encourage a free market economy where impediments to enterprenuerial prosperity through stifling regulations that could cripple competition becomes a thing of the past.

I want to also thank the Secretary to the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (S.G.F), the Director General and staff of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (N.L.R.C) and all those who directly or indirectly contributed to the success of our QuickLotto lottery.

We have two sets of games that provide different levels of jackpots.

  • Instant Scratch Off Games
  • Draw Games

Instant Scratch Off Games

We have two sub games underneath the instant scratch off games, namely

  • Cash Winfall
  • Car Lucky Loot

The games in this category allow you to get your result instantly to know if you won the games or not and your winnings will be credited into your account almost immediately and it amounts to prizes worth N10 Million, while the Car Luck Loot allows you to partake in the game of winning a Mercedes Benz 300E 2014 series and this could be won almost instantly.

Draw Games

There are also two games in this category that provide various levels of jackpots

  • Quick 5
  • MegaHammer

The Quick5 provides a low level of difficulty where a player is expected to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 39. The estimated jackpot starts from 1 Million Naira daily or approximately $6,200.00 and can grow to any amount until a winner or winners emerge. This is played daily with draws at 9:55PM. The most difficult game to win is the MegaHammer.

The MegaHammer starts from a minimum jackpot of 10 Million Naira or approximately $100,000.00 and could grow to billions of Naira until a winner or winners emerge. Draws are made once a week on AIT at 9:55PM on Saturdays. You can visit our information pages to know the various types of games you can play.

I am proud that we have explored all available platforms to ensure that the public at large is able to access lottery tickets with minimum hassle. Today our Lottery can be played using telephones, by selecting numbers and sending them to our specialized codes. For those playing the Quick 5, the short code is 31113 while for the Megahammer is 31114. The telephone players are limited to Nigeria networks. We have considered that many of our potential customers have limited education hence we have made texting to our short codes simple and very user friendly. Our server allows players to send words such as ”pic’ ‘pik’ or ‘pick’ to receive computer generated tickets for their games. Players can also play over the internet through our website

We have direct and indirect access to over 100,000 POS terminals across the country. We continue to deploy POS terminals in areas where the ordinary people can have easy access to them. The ATMs have become a veritable financial outlet for catering to the needs of millions of Nigerians. We have opened up ATMs for those willing to buy QuickLotto tickets. Most banks in Nigeria have embraced this service. We have also partnered with Interswitch so people can play and pay using their quickteller platform. Please visit the information page.

We are also in partnership with some vendors to enable players utilize their mobile money to pay for our tickets online and through their mobile phones. The goal of the Federal government is to use lottery to assist society at large through good causes. Lottery proceeds are used throughout the world to fund education and build a future for the growing population.

The national Lottery Act 2005 distributes lottery proceeds in the following ratios:

Winners are allotted 50%

Federal Government 20%, and

The operators (Fortune Games Limited and the channel providers) 30%

The general public is therefore the greatest beneficiary under the Act. It is our goal that we reduce the national unemployment rate by employing hundreds of thousands of our youths through our lottery vendors scheme. Finally we will create on the average one millionaire per day in Nigeria starting from November 2013.

With your support we are poised to change many lives in our Nation thereby changing the course of history for the good of our people. We are committed to the highest standard in our service delivery. Integrity is our watchword and this will be our legacy.

Thank you.