How to play MegaHammer

An overwhelming experience awaits you!

How to play

Just choose five numbers and a mega number, for 200NGN/$2 per play, for a chance to win up to =N=25 Million or a jackpot prize of =N=10 Million cash! draws held daily.

Each play online has 5 play areas with 2 sets of boxes numbered 1 to 59 and 1 to 39 respectively. Fill in the numbered boxes corresponding to the numbers you have chosen to play or select autoselect option. Pick your numbers carefully, as a Megahammer ticket cannot be cancelled. Players are charged 200NGN/$2 for each play you’ve selected times the number of drawings played. Please save and print ticket online.

Megahammer cash prize amounts for matching numbers are pari-mutuel, all winners share an equal portion of the winnings in each prize category.

Note: You are responsible for your tickets. Please treat wisely to avoid impersonation during claiming of prizes.


You can play the same numbers for up to 5 consecutive draws (200NGN/$2 per play per draw) by selecting the Multi-Draw box on the play page corresponding to the number of games you wish to play. The play must include the current draw and not skip any draw in between.

You can have the computer select your numbers by clicking the ‘autoselect’ button on your play page. Autoselect gives you the option to have the computer randomly select some or all of your games.

Select 5 numbers from 1-59 and 1 Mega number from 1-39. Separate each number with comma or space, or type ‘PICK’ for auto select then send to 31114 or dial *309#. Game costs 200 Naira

  • You can play using your phones by selecting your numbers and sending by text to 31114.
  • Please visit our Retail POS units nearest to you.
  • Please look for our QuickLotto Vendors in your area.
  • You can play online through this website,
  • You can play through any bank ATM nearest to you.
  • You can play through Interswitch Quickteller platform under Lottery by visiting

Add MEGA FUN to your life!

Just choose five numbers and a mega number, for 200NGN/$2 per play, for a chance to win a steaming jackpot prize estimated at =N=10 Million! draws held weekly.

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